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Italian Easter Bread

April 20, 2014 — 3 Comments

Italian Easter Bread

Instead of adding the traditional anise oil to my Italian Easter bread, I added Fiori di Sicilia extract. This extract has a vanilla citrus flavor with a hint of floral aroma. The flavor reminds me of a creamsicle. It is a great “secret” ingredient that gives baked goods a special flavor. You can purchase Fiori di Sicilia extract from King Arthur Flour or you can substitute orange and vanilla extract if you like. Continue Reading…


Focaccia Bread

March 25, 2014 — 1 Comment

Focaccia Bread

Focaccia is a flat Italian yeast bread made with high gluten flour. It is typically coated with olive oil and topped with herbs or other flavorful ingredients. It might be easier to pick up a loaf of bread from the store but making it yourself is so much more satisfying. I like using focaccia bread to make sandwiches but it is also delicious on its own. There aren’t a lot of ingredients in the recipe, the main effort involves waiting for the dough to rise. Continue Reading…


I have to be honest with you. I had originally intended to share a delicious gingerbread bundt cake recipe but when I tried to remove the cake from the pan, it tore right in half. I had buttered the pan quite well (or so I thought) and dusted it with flour but that was not enough to result in a nicely shaped bundt. There was no way I could let a cake that delicious go to waste so I decided to make bread pudding. I had been wanting to do a bread pudding recipe for quite some time so in the end everything worked out. 

This gingerbread is everything that gingerbread should be. It is perfectly spicy thanks to an ample amount of ground ginger (along with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and even a pinch of cardamom). The stout, molasses and dark brown sugar create a dark, rich flavor. This is not a wimpy gingerbread. It is dense and a little bit chewy. I had a hard time saving it for the bread pudding.

I thought that a whiskey caramel sauce would be the perfect topping for the bread pudding. Something about ginger and whiskey flavors combined is really delicious. This sauce is very easy to make and would also be wonderful with brownies, ice cream or even for pouring straight into your mouth (that gets a little sticky though so be sure to have some paper towels on hand).  Continue Reading…


I wanted to start my fall baking off with a classic recipe. Nothing quite says it is autumn like pumpkin flavored treats. Who can resist a slice of pumpkin bread fresh out of the oven? This bread tastes great as is but the cinnamon glaze adds a little extra moisture and extra flavor. You could also top the bread with powdered sugar or a cream cheese icing. I don’t really think you can go wrong with pumpkin bread. I usually make my pumpkin bread plain but adding pecans or chocolate chips would also be delicious. Continue Reading…


If you are looking for a cake that is not too sweet, this is the recipe for you. Continue Reading…

Banana Bread

January 14, 2013 — 4 Comments


The secret to making the best banana bread is using overripe bananas, the browner the better. As bananas ripen, the starch they contain is converted into sugar. This means that your banana bread will be sweet and flavorful. So, instead of tossing those sad, lonely bananas that have been sitting on your counter for too long, use them to make some delicious banana bread. Continue Reading…